The Triple Threat System: How to Get Reviews, Generate Traffic and Increase Your Social Media Presence

The Triple Threat System: How to Get Reviews, Generate Traffic and Increase Your Social Media Presence. This is a quick overview of a strategy I’ve been leveraging in my physical products business. It includes 2 Awesome Tools, 3 Main Results and Endless Possibilities. The reason it’s a quick overview is because every business is different, but…

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Personal Productivity System: How to Get More Done in Less Time [Tools Included]

You can’t do everything in a day, but you can do anything. The trick is prioritizing what the “anything” should be, and then having a SYSTEM to execute consistently. Last week while at a networking event someone introduced me as a “Productivity Nazi”, which made me chuckle. Yes, I am uber productive but my productivity…

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What if you could layer a custom message over ANY piece of content… even if you didn’t create it? With SNIP.LY, you can! The digital world is filled with tools and resources to help you drive your business. The trick is knowing which tools are worth your time, and which aren’t. is definitely worth…

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Success Leaves Clues: Lessons Learned From Disney

Everyone know success leaves clues. Pick up these clues, and success can be duplicated. I have spent years studying Walt Disney and the clues he left behind. With these clues – these adopted principles – I’ve been able to put myself on a fast track to success. I was asked to share these business lessons…

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Hire Slow Fire Fast

8 Steps To Hiring Slow So You Don’t Have To Fire Fast

“Tell me how much you know about what I do.” This was the first statement made to each of the interviewees applying for a virtual assistant position I had posted. I had sorted through dozens of resumes, and identified the top five candidates based on their skill set and qualifications. Next I ranked those five…

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10 Reasons Why I Don't Follow Back on #Twitter by Laura Waage

10 Reasons I Don’t Follow Back on Twitter

I was recently one of the speakers at Ryan Lee’s DotComXpo. When I walked off stage I had someone approach me and tell me that they followed me on Twitter and really loved the content I post. Then they asked a great question that really resonated with me… How do I decide who to follow?…

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Winston Churchill Quote

Entrepreneurial Success: Full Steam Ahead

Winston Churchill once said “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” The road to entrepreneurial success is bumpy – potholes, fender benders and excessively long red lights will certainly be part of your journey! But with persistence and a commitment to always do whatever it takes,…

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Is your digital addiction affecting your eyes?

I love to people watch! There’s something so intriguing to me about watching people’s patterns… especially in the Atlanta airport. My flight last week was delayed so I had a little more time than usual and decided that instead of pulling out my iPhone and working, I’d just sit back and watch. What I quickly…

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6 Easy Ways to Generate Blog Content

By Laura Waage Blogging is a great platform for showcasing your expertise & knowledge and increasing your EA=RN Quotient. But there is often a false belief that blogging is too time consuming. Here are 6 easy ways to generate meaningful content for your blog: 1. Find a relevant video on a site like youtube, embed…

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Insider Secrets Revealed by Video Marketing Expert, Dan Safkow

Video Marketing and Video Blogging have quickly become a very mainstream way of communicating. Entrepreneurs and small businesses alike are finding that their marketing success ratios significantly increase when they incorporate video into their marketing plan. In addition, Video Marketing provides a platform for you to share your information with the masses while further establishing…

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